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My first experience with Energy Field Healing.

Before my session.

I came across EFH completely by accident on a podcast that I was listening to but, it certainly sounded like something that I’d be interested in trying!

EFH is a practice in which your bodies subtle energy system is activated, balanced and cleared of any negative or stagnant energy. It can help to restore the balance and flow of your bodies energy through your body, mind and soul. It is often used for healing trauma, both physical and mental.

So why did I choose EFH?

I often feel very ‘stuck’ in life, like I have so much to release and give out to the world but, with no idea how, where to start or if what I want to talk about is completely irrelevant bullshit… it leaves me feeling incredibly frustrated about my life, as if I have a real lack of purpose and I’m not good enough... welcome imposter syndrome. Ergh.

Another reason for wanting to unblock myself in some way is my struggle with communicating and people pleasing…especially anything related to loved ones, partners and boundaries.

Strangers, fine pour my heart out, those close to me, NOPE!

So I was really hoping that this would expand me a bit in terms of being able to set boundaries, my non negotiables and encourage me to speak up more.

After doing some research online and getting the right feeling about this being ‘the place’ - I booked my appointment with Andrea at Feel Good Balham, London.

I went to my appointment not having a clue what to expect, I am a very open minded person so that’s what I went in with!


After arriving a little stressed (because of traffic we were a few mins late!) I sat down with Andrea to have a chat about what I was expecting, what would happen, about the treatment itself… Funnily enough she immediately mentioned my throat chakra needing some work which was pretty much the exact reason I was there!

I need to add here that I immediately felt at ease in Andreas presence which certainly helps when you don’t know what might come up!

After lying down, getting comfy and trying to relax I had a little bombardment of thoughts. What am I supposed to be feeling right now? What is happening? I wonder what she’s found buried in there? Am I breathing weirdly?!

I am a bit of a ‘mind all over the place’ kind of person and it takes me a little while to settle into concentrating on my breath instead of the things flying around in my head, this experience was very similar although I managed to calm my mind quite quickly this time round!

There was some physical touch but nothing like massage, only hands placed on different areas of my body mixed with hands being held over as well.

I tried to keep my eyes closed as much as I could but curiosity got the better of me a few times!

I noticed several times throughout the session that I could feel different sensations in different areas of my body. A pulsing down my calves, tingles down my arms etc (nothing that raised any alarm).


I felt so relaxed after the session I actually didn't want to get up! I could have easily had 2 sessions back to back! Again, I wasn’t sure on how I was meant to be feeling at this point but feeling that relaxed is never a bad thing!

I had a brief chat with Andrea again about what to expect over the next few days, when to book back in for another session etc. and we said our goodbyes.

The drive home was a colossal disaster due to a wrong turn on the M25 however, back to the EFH!

Since the session I have started journaling out what I want to do with my life, how I can do it, been brave enough to actually write out this post and post it without being worried about telling my story or it being completely irrelevant bullshit (maybe it is but, I dont care anymore) I don’t feel quite as shy about starting to open up and write about the things that I want to share which is a massive bonus to me!

Overall, I would definitely recommend EFH, I personally feel that I’ve already begun to feel the benefits from just 1 appointment!

I do feel like another visit will be incredibly beneficial but, I knew it wouldn't be a 1 time thing and I’m really looking forward to another session to see what else I can let go of and clear out!

Thanks for reading!

Nina x

For more info on Feel Good Balham please find their website linked below.

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