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A retreat, without the retreat price tag!

If you’re anything like me, a retreat day, weekend, week, month or basically your entire life always sounds like a good idea.

But… Have you seen the prices?!

If you don’t have the funds to make that dream a reality (yet) why not make one at home?

Okay fine, it might not have the glitz and glamour of a beachfront tiki hut in Indonesia but, the feeling of inner peace, relaxation and zen can still be achieved… without the glitz and glamour price tag.

So, where do you start?

Of course there is a little bit of planning needed however, as any retreat leader will tell you things never go to plan and genuinely, when it’s your own from home… who really cares!

Initial things to consider and note down:

  1. How long do you realistically have to do this without interruptions? Can you start from Friday night after work all the way through to Sunday night, just do a Sunday afternoon or do you have more time off with no plans?

  2. What are you interested in and what feeling are you trying to achieve? There is no point adding in 3 hours of yoga if you don’t enjoy it, this is your time and you can fill it with whatever peace bringing modalities that fill your cup.

  3. What else could you incorporate? Don’t pile things on so you become overwhelmed but, if you’ve always wanted to try a mini juice cleanse, fast or a full day of vegan eating but you've always been too busy- This might be the perfect time.

Now you’ve organised the little things so what needs to be done pre-retreat and what will save you time and your peace on the day?

  1. Plan a schedule for the time you have - If you want a lay in then have one, within reason, don’t miss all the other fun things!

  2. Food and drinks - Plan what you want to eat and do your shop beforehand so you have those herbal teas and healthy meal ingredients to hand. Nothing less Zen than a supermarket and if you hate cooking don’t let it kill your vibe - get it done before you start.

  3. If you’re planning a tech detox - Let people know how to contact you in an emergency, get your audios and videos ready and loaded up so you’re not tempted to start doom scrolling hunting them down!

  4. Declutter your retreat space - Clean the bath, get rid of any rubbish or anything that will distract you… I see you over flowing wash basket!

  5. Get everything out - Notebooks, pens, candles, a cushion and blanket, face masks and bath bits so you have everything ready to go.

The joy of doing all of this yourself really is the freedom to make the time you’ve dedicated to it your own.

If you’ve ever spent any time looking at a retreat itinerary you know they are slightly more rigid in their organisation so if you don’t feel like doing the yoga at 10am when you’d initially planned to change it to the afternoon and do your dance therapy instead.


My only suggestion within this is to avoid alcohol and shitty processed foods that will make you feel sluggish and tired instead of revitalised. I promise it’s for the better!

These days don’t have to cost you the earth, there are so many free resources online for yoga videos, meditations, recipes and an actual day to look after yourself is the perfect time to use up the Christmas Pamper Gift Sets that you normally find stuffed at the back of the bathroom cupboard!

If you do have a bit of extra money you could always add in - A massage at a local parlour, a juice cleanse box or a days worth of pre-made meals or even just treating yourself to a fancier bubble bath!

I really hope this inspires you to take the time out for yourself that you deserve! xxx

P.S I’ve shared an example of what my own retreat day would look like below for inspiration!

  • Morning:

Wake up early before sunrise and get somewhere to watch. (After this phone free as I have an ipad to watch/ listen to videos and audios) A pint of water with lemon Manifestation Meditation Journaling with a Herbal Tea Stretching Green Juice Shower

  • Day Time:

Walk in Nature Nourishing Lunch Creative time - Drawing, Painting etc Journaling with a Herbal Tea Meditation Using an acupressure mat Oracle / Angel Card Pulling

  • Evening:

Watch sunset somewhere Nourishing Dinner Dry Brushing Candle Lit Bath with Meditation and Face Mask Body Oiling and Self Massage Home Pedicure Turmeric Latte Reading in bed with candles and chilled music

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