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Where do I even start with an introduction?! 

In short I’m a food obsessed, spiritually curious individual with a passion for all things health, wellness and alternative everything! 

I’ve always had an obsession with food for as long as I can remember, starting with baking cakes with both of my nanny’s, cooking with my dad and then owning my own cupcake business several years ago. 

After living in Australia for almost 2 years whilst travelling I had put on a lot more weight than I would have liked, felt exhausted, miserable and decided to make a big change.

Completely overhauling my life, I joined the gym, changed from a diet full of alcohol and pub food to a diet filled with delicious, nutritious meals that made me feel happier and healthier from the inside. 

I completely submerged myself in any information I could find on ‘being healthy’ and became ‘that girl’ waking up to go to the gym before work, sipping green smoothies and munching on protein bars. 

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After losing 12kg, I started up a healthy eating and fitness Instagram page @nutritional_nina where I documented my progress and my new found passion - healthy food.

In May 2020 I decided to take things to the next level, enrolling in an ActiveIQ Level 4 Nutrition Coaching Qualification with BTN Academy to up my overall nutrition knowledge and understanding of the body. 

I continued to share my foodie obsession alongside my day job and delved deeper into more holistic ways of living through podcasts, blogs, documentaries and Instagram. 

After falling down the proverbial ‘rabbit hole’ of information surrounding how you can heal your own body through diet, mindset, meditation and movement I was hooked… which leads me to where we are today! 

I’ve started this page to be a source of information and inspiration to others on their own health and wellness journeys, encompassing everything from nutrition through to manifestation and energy healing. 

I hope that you find something to spark the fire inside you and lead you to a place of true health and happiness.

Nina x

About: Welcome
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