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And a very warm welcome to my page.

Here I will be sharing all things nutrition, health & wellness and alternative ways of living. 

This blog was born as a place to unload my thoughts, knowledge and experiences with healthy living and share them with the world! 

I want people to thrive not just survive!

My hope is that this blog can be a source of information and inspiration to those looking to change their lifestyle to a more holistic way of living.

Take some time to explore and feel free to reach out if you think of a topic that you would like to hear more on.

I also coach clients through their health and nutrition journeys on a 121 basis so, if you need some extra support just click on the coaching tab at the top of the page. 


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I just want to F'ing sleep!

Is there anything worse than laying in bed and not being able to sleep? Massive exaggeration but, I’m writing this whilst tired! Hour...

Why you need Oats in your life.

So… it’s 2023, you’ve persuaded yourself to start looking after yourself again, its fucking freezing and dark every morning, the thought...

Feeling S.A.D?

For about the last month I’ve felt really lost with pretty much everything in my life. I’ve not been training, eating particularly well,...

The low down on dry brushing…

Dry brushing is believed to have originated in India as part of the holistic healing practice, Ayurveda, over 3000 years ago! Its...

Welcome Autumn

It is officially Autumn in the UK and the Northern Hemisphere! Time to cosy up in fluffy blankets and dressing gowns with candles lit...

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1. I write exactly as if I’m having a conversation with you in person and that does include some swearing. If you’re likely to be offended by that then sorry, this isn’t the page for you. 

2. Products that I endorse here. I cannot stand people getting paid to sell crap that they haven't used themselves. See the BBC documentary about ‘celebs’ selling Cyanide Weight Loss products! Any products that I mention on my page are ones that I have used myself and I will always state if I have been gifted the items to try or paid to collaborate with the brand. 

3. Research, my personal experiences and opinion. I want to be a reliable source of information for people in this space. I will try and do as much research as I can on a topic before writing about it and will reference the sources that I use to find out the information. All of this is my interpretation of the information I have read, my own experience of a certain thing or potentially a discussion with someone else of their experience with something. 

In some topic fields it may be that there are not any scientific research papers for and the topic is based on my own or others experiences only.

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I'm climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania!

In October, 2023 I'll be donning the hiking boots with my best friend Ellie to climb the 5895 metres to the roof of Africa and the highest free standing peak in the world... all whilst camping with no showers... sorry anyone we meet at the top! 

We both love and adventure and this seemed like the perfect excuse to achieve something great and all for the great work of Women's Aid UK. 

Women's Aid UK work tirelessly to help women and children escape from domestic violence and after both living through episodes of domestic violence ourselves and having someone close to us use Women's Aid we couldn't think of a better cause. 

If you would like to donate please click on the link below. 

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